Kristin is the technical specialist in the Psychology Department, looking after the Psychology Lab and Psychology Simulation Suite. Kristin provides seminar support and demonstrations in the specialist software and equipment for psychology and behavioural science students. She also supports data management and statistical analysis in SPSS,     and R.

Kristin enjoys supporting applied practical sessions, for example, using BioPac Student Lab to demonstrate the psycho-physiology of Lie Detection, and is keen to illustrate to students the links between practical psychology and employability. Currently Kristin is learning more about the use of Virtual Reality simulation in education – an area the Psychology Department are keen to develop.

Kristin is passionate about research, having worked in research environments within Zoological Sciences and Psychology previously. Kristin’s main research interests lie within the fields of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, and she is currently studying part-time for a PhD in Biological Sciences.

Please also follow the Psychology at Bucks specific blog maintained by Kristin for exciting updates about the department’s work: