Welcome to the Skills and Simulation Team blog!

The Skills and Simulation Team (SAS Team) at Buckinghamshire New University is made up of Baz, Kat, Kelly, Phil and Sam.

The team work with Pre Registration and Post Registration Nursing students, Operating Department Practitioner students, Human Performance Lab & Sports students and other Allied Healthcare Professionals. 

This Blog has been created to share the simulation based education activities that take place at the University campuses in High Wycombe and Uxbridge.

In addition to the simulation based education activities that take place, the team will post other events that occur in the simulation labs.

The SAS Team create an authentic and safe clinical learning environment for students, and by adding layer upon layer to the scenarios they are able to capture the realism of clinical settings. One such layer is Moulage and this is the art of applying wounds for training purposes.

Through the addition of moulage the team is able to bridge the gap in simulation, heightening the student experience by enabling students to look for the physical signs that support the stated diagnosis and to support the learning objectives.

Above all, simulation allows the students at Buckinghamshire New University to learn and to make mistakes in a safe and controlled environment.

Please click the link to follow the teams blog.

Thank you


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